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Acorn Cottage Rentals

Cottages amidst nature See wild grasses, abundant waters, and feel the fresh breeze.

Cottages amidst nature , wild grasses, abundant waters, and the fresh breeze–this is what the four seasons of the area truly have to offer. Feel like the owner of a private villa by renting out the whole thing!

※the Acorn cottages offer a shuttle service to and from JR Yufuin Station.
※Please contact us at 080-1722-3478 in advance of your visit.
※Barbecue equipment is available for loan.

☆ Stay only
Two guests, one night  5,000JPY~/person
Three guests, one night  5,500JPY~/person
4+ guests, one night  5,000JPY~/person
(※Satudays, days before holidays、1,000JPY UP  Select days 2,000JPY UP)

※Price varies by room type
☆ With meal (added onto base rate)
・Breakfast 850JPY/person
・Dinner Hot pot (winter): 3,150 JPY/person
     Barbecue (summer): 3,315 JPY/person
☆Fuel: 1,050 JPY/room(Summer 7/21~8/31、Winter 11/1~3/31)
※Yufu springs per room
※Rates vary by facility, number of guests, length of stay, et cetera.
Note that these details may be subject to change without notice. Please confirm when booking.

 Six cottages定員
 Flowering dogwood5persons
 Pheasant’s eye4persons

Acorn Cottage Rentals
4-31,Tsukaraha,Yufuin-cho,Yufuin-shi,Ooita 897-5101
■ TEL:080-1722-3478(Reserved only) ■ FAX:0977-84-3189
■ Check-In: 15:00 ■ Check-Out: 10:00
■ Closed: None ■ Parking: 6 cars

Yufunosho Inn

Spend a special time with a loved one as you look out at the starry night sky. Savor the privacy of being undisturbed by no one else.

Eight guest rooms, all separate (four have hot springs baths). Enjoy creative kaiseki cuisine that revolves around grilled local Bungo beef. The “Zen” cafe and bar has a Nippon Bartenders Association certified bartender. Sample the creative fruit-based cocktails. All hot springs are by reservation. You can enjoy a private moment in luxury.

Weekdays (one night, two meals)   13,650JPY~18,900JPY
Before holidays (one night, two meals)  14,700JPY~19,950JPY

Eight rooms (separated)
▽Hot springs annex
We have four family baths available by reservations.
[Milky Way Bath] Outdoor bath, sunken sleeper baths, “star view” light shutoff
[Evening Primrose Bath] Indoor bath/relaxing music function
[Evening Bath] Outdoor/indoor
[Comet Bath] Outdoor

Yufunosho Inn
1009,Tsukaraha,Yufuin-cho,Yufuin-shi,Ooita 897-5101
■ TEL: 0977-84-5755 ■ FAX: 0977-85-5101
■ Check-In: 15:30 ■ Check-Out: 10:00
■ Closed: None ■ Parking: 30 cars

forest inn BORN

The ultimate location amidst the forests of the Tsukahara Highlands -- limit 3 groups per day

This is a Northern European-style hotel in the midst of the Tsukahara Highlands. The space is trimmed with furniture by Alvar Aalto. All you will hear are the sounds of the breeze and cries of birds. For dinner, enjoy a marinade of seafood from the nearby seaside and Bungo beef. The steak is a luxury cut served with a touch of rock salt. The forest, seaside, and luxury interior create a special experience that is one-of-a-kind.
Separate room, outdoor bath   21,150JPY~24,300JPY Separate Japanese/European room     16,950JPY~19,050JPY
Main building deluxe twin   37,400JPY~45,100JPY
Main building suite   36,080JPY~43,120JPY
Main building grand twin   33,440JPY~40,480JPY
Room with an open air bath   Two buildings Separate Japanese/European room  1 Cypress bath (by reservation)    1
Main building deluxe twin
Main building suite
Main building grand twin
forest inn BORN
1203-9,Tsukaraha,Yufuin-cho,Yufuin-shi,Ooita 897-5101
■ TEL:0977-84-2975
■ FAX:0977-84-5725
■ Check-In:16:00
■ Check-Out:11:00
※Please contact us if your arrival is past 18:00.
※Dinners are scheduled for 6:30 PM.

■Lunch hours/12:00~15:00 Lunch days/Fri,Sat,Sun,Mon (Please call us for more information.)
■ Closed: Irregular
■ Parking: 5 cars

Shiki-an dining villa

○Enjoy Bungo beef and free-range chicken in a World Heritage thatched-roof cottage.
○Relax in a natural hot springs and reservation-only villa amidst the majesty of nature.

Country-style cuisine revolves around fresh local ingredients, free-range chicken, Bungo beef, and char-grilled food, with a nice touch of dessert. The Oita specialty, dumplings in broth, is limited to just 30 dishes daily. There is also a wide range of light lunch offerings, and you can soak in the waters. All guest rooms are standalone separate buildings. Relax in your own private villa!

1.5 hour outdoor bath use
1 night with 2 meals From 10,300 JPY (weekday price)
2 hour outdoor bath use
1 night with 2 meals From 14,000JPY JPY (weekday price)

1.5 hour outdoor bath use   10 buildings
2 hour outdoor bath use    2 buildings

Shiki-an dining villa
〒879-5101 135-7 Kurokasagi, Tsukahara, Yufuin-cho, Yufu-shi
■ TEL:0977-85-3484 ■ FAX:0977-84-2667
■ Hours(Restaurants):11:00~21:00
(山荘):Check-In:15:00 / Check-out:11:00
■ Closed: None ■ Parking: Available

Okuyufuin Tsuki no Kuma

Guest rooms allow you to intimately experience the spacious natural environs of Tsukahara.

All rooms feature double plate-glass windows, ensuring warmth even in the colder months. While our rooms are not as large as you would find in a luxury hotel, they are just perfect as a cozy spot for family and friends.

Bed without board plan     5,694 JPY ~(exclude TAX)
Bed and breakfast plan     6,805 JPY ~(exclude TAX)
Bed and half board plan      9,861 JPY ~(exclude TAX)

Okuyufuin Tsuki no Kuma
1228-32,TsukarahaHigashino,Yufuin-cho,Yufuin-shi,Ooita 897-5101
■ TEL:0977-85-3359 ■ FAX:0977-85-5032
■ URL: ■
■ Hours: 15:00~ next 1:00
■ Closed: Irregular


This is a place to relax. We do not ladle on unnecessary hospitality, leaving you undisturbed. Relax and enjoy your special moment in nature.

Buaiso offers shuttle service from Okuyufuin back to your home. Select from a taxi or helicopter, as well as other transit offerings.

One night with breakfast                   21,150 JPY~
Beautiful scenery package                28,150 JPY~
Buaiso “Ashi” villa: one night, two meals          30,150 JPY~
Buaiso Suite: Aioi Luxury package one night, two meals  45,150 JPY~
Buaiso Suite: Tamayura Luxury, two meals         55,150 JPY~
Discount for booking 28 days early. Limited to credit card bookings.

—-Base rate – 1,000 JPY
Discount for booking 45 days early. Limited to credit card bookings.

—-Base rate – 2,000 JPY
Beppu kaiseki cuisine package

—-Base rate + 5,000 JPY

1240-61,Tsukaraha,Yufuin-cho,Yufuin-shi,Ooita 897-5101
■ TEL:0977-85-5023 ■ FAX:0977-85-5032
■ URL: ■
■ Hours: 11:30~22:00
■ Parking: Parking Lot 1 28 cars, Parking Lot 2 100 cars
■ Closed: Irregular

Iroha Nihohe To: Gallery, cafe, and special villa

Amidst the spacious highlands Enveloped in nature

Find three private villas just for you These rooms offer capacity for 2-10 guests. You can bring your favorite food and even barbecue it on premises. The fully-equipped facilities and 360-degree panoramas will whisk you out of the everyday. Each villa has a wood-fired stove. You might even see a full starry sky at night!

【ぼちぼち (BOCHI BOCHI)】
■ Room 
・Living room with hearth (14 tatami mats)
・Inducting-heated stove kitchen (6 tatami mats) 

・2 bedrooms (6 tatami mats, four tatami mats) 

・2 lofts
■ Bath
・Stone tub (flowing springs)
■ Others
・Veranda (full barbecue equipment — free of charge)  

・Massage chairs
【ほどほど(HODO HODO)「opened in April 2010」】
■ Room
・Living room with hearth (20 tatami mats) 

・Ireland-style induction-heated stove kitchen

・ Two bedrooms (8 tatami mats, 6 tatami mats)  

・Loft (nap space)
■ Bath
・ Flowing hot springs
■ Others
・The ultimate location! Enjoy a 360-degree panorama

Iroha Nihohe To: Gallery, cafe, and special villa
1217-109,Tsukaraha,Yufuin-cho,Yufuin-shi,Ooita 897-5101
■ TEL:0977-85-4888 ■ FAX:0977-85-4964
■ Check-In:15:30 ■ Check-Out:10:00
■Closed: None ■ Parking: 15 cars

Cottage Tsukahara largo Ⅱ

Enjoy a relaxing time while viewing Mt.

Limited to 1 couple. 200sq.m. of private space.Spend time with family and friends for BBQ, outdoor cooking, pizza making, etc.Outdoor cooking equipment is available for rent. (Charged). Cottages have a loft. Enjoy a relaxing highland life.
■ Rates
From 15,000 yen for 2 persons with no meal
Other plans: 2 persons per night with 2 meals: 26,200 yen and up
Please contact us directly for other plans.
■ Rooms
Limited to 1 couple (1 cottage with loft)
Cottage Tsukahara largo Ⅱ
135-117 Tsukahara, Yufuin-cho, Yufu City
■ TEL:090-7464-8338 ■ FAX:0977-77-2349
■ Parking: 5 cars (free of charge)

The sense of wonder holistic glamping

A feeling only here. Yufudake Sanroku Glamping Resort I didn't even know, I met myself

At the foot of Yufudake, the rice paddies and the forest behind spread in front of you. An idyllic world surrounded by the sounds of birds singing and the leaves of trees. Rice eaten in the fresh air of Tsukahara Kogen in such an environment has a special taste. Not only necessary camping equipment but also meals are provided as a set. The nature of Tsukahara Kogen and the magnificent Yufudake spreading in front of you, and the night sky is full of stars. You can easily touch the nature of the plateau.

The sense of wonder holistic glamping
879-5101  Tsukaraha,Yufuin-cho,Yufuin-shi,Ooita44-7
■ TEL:0977-85-5066
■ URL:
■ Check-in:15:30~18:00
■ Check-out:10:30
■ Parking:Yes Free

Grand Verde Resort

Like another world between heaven and earth Private glamping in the great outdoors

On a vast site of approximately 250,000 square meters (the size of 35 soccer fields) Enjoy a quality resort stay, activities, BBQ, bonfires, outdoor cafe&bar, and much more,There are many ways to enjoy the outdoor café&bar. You can enjoy a comfortable outdoor experience.
Grand Verde Resort
2-2, Aza Matsuzuka, Oaza-Amenma, Beppu City
■ TEL:0977-78-2081
■ Closed: None

"Sanctuary" Villa

A space surrounded by a spectacular view where you can feel the power of nature

Limited to one group per day, one building can be rented out for 2 to 10 persons (overnight stay with no meals). This is a sanctuary where the magnificent nature of Yufuin spreads out before your eyes, with a view of Mt. Please spend a luxurious and extraordinary time.
“Sanctuary” Villa
1217-63 Tsukahara, Yufuin-cho, Yufu City
■ TEL:090-9570-1952
■ check-in:15:00
■ check-out:10:00


Prefab house in the near future SPACE-VESSEL

We have tents as well as futuristic living space facilities in the shape of a spaceship! Please enjoy the nature of Tsukahara Plateau with Mt. Yufudake in the background on our 1000 tsubo (1,000 m2) site.
933-1 Tsukahara, Yufuin-cho, Yufu City
■ TEL:090-9877-1570
■ Guest use:10:00~24:00
■ BBQ Hut (All-weather BBQ facility)
■ Parking: about 10 cars

Famous Water Music Campground ♪ Cafe

Celebrating 50th anniversary of famous Yufunomizu® intake site Auto campground to open in 2024

A 5-site auto campground has opened behind the Meisui Yufunomizu® cafe. The sites are allocated for vehicles. Please enjoy your time outdoors. The music-loving owner is waiting for you.
Famous Water Music Campground ♪ Cafe
1241-47 Tsukahara, Yufuin-cho, Yufu City
■ TEL:090-7399-7343
■ Business Hours/8:00~17:30