Tsukahara hot spring​


Tsukahara Onsen Kako no Izumi

A miraculous hot springs recommended by doctors -- a volcanic hot springs with a rich bathing experience.

Tsukahara Onsen is a highly acidic hot spring at an altitude of about 800 meters.It is on the middle of 伽藍岳(Garandake:Altitude about 1,045m).It is a hot spring that springs up since the Heian period, with a temperature of about 60 ° C and a pH of about 1.4.Currently, only the one-day hot spring “Kakou no Izumi” is open.A hot spring that you can bathe in your own fountain without circulation, filtration, boiling or additional water.As one of the three major medicine baths in Japan, its name is known nationwide.
Spring quality:Acidic / Iron-containing (II, III) -Aluminum-Sulfate spring
Benefits:Soaking in these waters can help treat ailments like chronic skin inflammation, cuts, burns, neuralgia, diabetes, chronic digestive ailments, and chronic gynecological ailments.
Features:Acidity level: 2nd nationwide,
Aluminum ion content: 2nd nationwide,
Iron ion content: 1st nationwide

温泉卵【Hot springs eggs】
「Garan Volcanically-Cooked Eggs」6 pieces 500JPY。Craters at Mount Garan are used to steam eggs for 20 hours and imbue them with the natural mineral properties of the springs. We also sell mineral waters from Tsukahara Onsen for mail order.
2L 3,000JPY(without tax)
Please call us for more information.
Public Baths
(for men & for women)
Adults 500 JPY Children 200 JPY *2 hours’ time
Open air bath
(for men & for women)
Adults 600 JPY Children 200 JPY *2 hours’ time
Family Baths
(Up to 2 adults and 2 children for a maximum of 1 hour)
※Separated family bath 2,500JPY
※Additional bathing:Adults 500 JPY・Children 300 JPY increase
Rest rooms1,000JPY(*1 hour’s time)

*Children treated as those age 1 through before elementary school age

Tsukahara Onsen Kako no Izumi
1235,Tsukaraha,Yufuin-cho,Yufuin-shi,Ooita 897-5101
■ TEL:0977-85-4101 ■ FAX:0977-66-1262
■ Hours:
【June – August】Open 9:00 AM ~ Close 7:00 PM (Open until 6:00 PM) 【September – May】Open 9:00 AM ~ Close 6:00 PM(Open until 5:00 PM)
■ Closed: Year end/New Year’s *Note that the baths may be closed in winter if there is excess snowfall.(Please call us for more information.