Enjoy Tsukahara​


Immunity osteopathy: Mori no Oto

At Mori no Oto, AWG treatment devices are used to improve natural recovery response and allow the body to heal illness naturally.

Ideal for those who have tried other treatments but been unable to recover!
We encourage you to try this technique.

Improved blood flow course         4,000JPY By reservation
Improved blood flow + detox        7,000JPY By reservation
Improved blood flow + immune response   7,000JPY By reservation

Immunity osteopathy: Mori no Oto

4-8,Tsukaraha,Yufuin-cho,Yufuin-shi,Ooita 897-5101
■ TEL:0977-85-3433 ※Please call us for more information. ■ FAX:0977-85-5057
■ Hours: AM10:00~PM6:00
■ Closed: Irregular
■ URL:http://www.mori-oto.com


Enjoy relaxing time by the hearth. The views of Mount Yufu from the veranda are exquisite.

Enjoy a meal at the front while looking out on Mount Yufu. Fixed course meals here are made using local vegetables. Reservation required by the day before. Only served two groups per day. Price ¥1,500 and ¥2,000.

135-201,TsukarahaKurokasagi,Yufuin-cho,Yufuin-shi,Ooita 897-5101
■ TEL:0977-84-5056 ■ FAX:None
■ Closed: Tue,Wed
■ Hours: 10:00~17:00 ■Parking: 10 cars

Coffeehouse: Mokuba

As a specialty store of coffee beans, we continue to roast every day. I hope you can meet your favorite coffee.

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Original blend             450円
Various straight coffees (by region)  500円
Cake set               700円

Coffeehouse: Mokuba

4-35,TsukarahaNaratama,Yufuin-cho,Yufuin-shi,Ooita 897-5101
■ TEL:0977-85-3385 ■ FAX:0977-85-3385
■ Hours: 13:00~17:30
■ Closed: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
■ Parking: 10 cars

Kiya Kamino Woodcrafts

Hours 10:00~17:00
Closed Irregular

Vessels, cutlery, toys, and other items carefully made from various woods. Highly recommended as gifts! We invite you to check them out yourself and feel the natural warmth of wood.​
木のフォーク 木のベンチ 木のオブジェ

Wooden items are crafted here, focusing largely on tableware.We also produce furniture, lighting, and other items.Cutlery, accessories, furniture, and various objets can be made to order.

Kiya Kamino Woodcrafts
44-4,Tsukaraha,Yufuin-cho,Yufuin-shi,Ooita 897-5101
■ TEL/FAX:0977-84-5758 ■mail:kiya.kamino@gmail.com
■Hours: 10:00~17:00 (Irregular)

Iddo Art Jewelry

Manufacture and sale of jewelry, including original items

Manufacture and sale of engagement rings, wedding rings, bridal jewelry, order-made jewelry, original jewelry, and antique jewelry, repair and refurbishing of accessories, and engraving workshop. One-day workshops (reservation required) *Note that studio may be closed at times. Please contact us in advance is planning a visit.

Iddo Art Jewelry
■TEL・FAX: 0977-85-4882
■Hours: (Mon~Sat)10:00~17:00 (Sun)13:00~17:00
■Closed: Wed

Poko A Poko

Picked grass crackers make use of local edible wild grasses and flowers from Yufuin, grilled to perfection.

A misty and green natural village. Yufuin is rich in ample natural blessings, and you can find wild vegetables and medicinal herbs growing here. Picked grass crackers are made from the whitish edible plants and flowers of the area, each one grilled to perfection. Another big favorite is our medicinal crackers, made from a paste of black sesame and brown sugar.

Picked-grass crackers (16 pieces) 1,050JPY~
Medicinal crackers (16 pieces)         1,050JPY~

These products used to be sold exclusively in boxes,
but they are now available by popular request, especially from locals, in individual form.
Note that these items are available only in-store.
Picked-grass crackers & Medicinal crackers
1 piece 63yen(tax included)

Poko A Poko

180 ,Tsukaraha,Yufuin-cho,Yufuin-shi,Ooita 897-5101
■ TEL:0977-84-5487 ■ FAX:0977-84-5487
■ Hours: year-round 9:00 ~ 16:00
■ Closed: Irregular
■ Parking: 5 cars
■ e-mail:pocoapoco@mopera.net

Te Kara

Tourist Association Official Select Shop

We focus on “people” “living” “goods” of Yufuin Tsukahara Plateau, we deal with “Tsukahara living” items viewed from various angles.

te~(Te Kara)

〒879-5101 大分県由布市湯布院町塚原奈良山4-35
■ TEL/ FAX:0977-85-2254
■ Hours: 10:00~17:00
■ Closed: Irregular

Meisui Yufunomizu®

It is good for delicious relief, health「Meisui Yufunomizu®」

I can draw water for always 24 hours without holiday.
Minerals such as calcium, magnesium are contained with exquisite balance by richness.
Germfree pawn of general bacteria zero. It is colorless and is transparent and is tasteless and is unscented. It is an index of the delicious water, an index of the water which is good for health, a together high-level number.
公共飲用利用許可票 大分県第37-5号。
名水コーヒー 400円
赤鶏おにぎり 200円/1個 
Meisui Yufunomizu® 〒879-5101
1241-47, Yufuinchotsukawara, Yufu-shi, Oita
■ Business hours:8:00~17:30
■ Regular holiday:名水ゆふの水® 取水(年中無休)・店舗(不定休)
■ TEL/FAX:090-7399-7343、0977-85-3575
■ Parking lot:10/Free