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Lodging accommodations
The Tsukahara Highlands are noted for the abundant natural scenery which they offer. See wild grasses and animals throughout the four seasons. Six unique cottages stand amidst a grove of trees. You will seem to forget the flow of time as you stay here. Make this your landing pad where you can relax and unwind.
This inn is styled on the idea of experiencing nature through body and soul. All baths are by reservation only and accommodate whole families. View the night sky in the highlands while soaking in an outdoor tub. It’s truly a beautiful scene.
Nestled in the quiet forest is this hotel, which accommodates only three groups daily. Guest rooms, outfitted with European-style furniture, present you with a luxury space. Listen to the sound of the breeze and birds’ cries as you experience a stay that is a cut above.
All guest rooms are separate from each other and come with indoor or outdoor baths. These thatched-roof houses are a World Heritage site. Enjoy char-grilled food in this luxury space. You are also welcome to use the space for light lunch meals.
Guest rooms allow you to intimately experience the spacious natural environs of Tsukahara. All rooms feature double plate-glass windows, ensuring warmth even in the colder months. While our rooms are not as large as you would find in a luxury hotel, they are just perfect as a cozy spot for family and friends.
This is a place to relax. We do not ladle on unnecessary hospitality, leaving you undisturbed. Relax and enjoy your special moment in nature.
Enjoy the spacious rooms and rich facilities in an unbeatable location. Awaiting you in your room is a breathtaking night-time view and a starry sky.



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