Yufuin-Tsukahara Tourist Association

Yufuin-Tsukahara Tourist Association




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Lodging accommodations
Picked grass crackers involve selecting wild edible mountain grasses and flowers each season and grilling them up into delicious homemade crackers.
Specializing in fresh-roasted coffee. We would love for you to find your favorite brew here.
We focus on "people", "living", and "goods" of Yufuin Tsukahara Plateau, we deal with "Tsukahara living" items viewed from various angles.
Enjoy a meal at the front while looking out on Mount Yufu.
Vessels, cutlery, toys, and other items carefully made from various woods. Highly recommended as gifts! We invite you to check them out yourself and feel the natural warmth of wood.
Manufacture and sale of jewelry, including original items



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